U.S. Engineering Technical Services, Inc.

Upon partnering contractually to receive this service from USETS, our clients receive a complete personnel package for each individual at their site.  All of the forms are completed and any questions are answered immediately by staff employees, either on-site or via our 800 number.  This program is offered at a reduced mark-up cost.

Our payroll program includes processing of weekly payroll checks.  The employee may choose to either have his/her check mailed to them or direct deposited to their bank.  The employee is eligible for insurance benefits and entry into our 401(k) Retirement Plan after the eligibility period is met.  At year end, a W-2 Statement is prepared and sent to the employee. 

Every week hours are telephoned, faxed or e-mailed to our office.  Payroll checks are then processed and rechecked for accuracy.  They are either mailed to the employee’s residence, direct deposited, or batch delivered to companies.  Invoicing is done on a Net 30 Day basis.  One invoice covers an entire week. 

The benefits for you, our client, are:

  • Eliminate the burden of Payroll Administration and tracking Employee Benefits

  • The matching Social Security and Medicare taxes are borne by USETS   

  • Invoices are paid in Net 30 Days, which means companies during their peak season have funding for their payroll.

  • You will have a significant reduction in your Workers Compensation and Group Health Insurance costs.

  • Extra services that can be ascertained are drug and alcohol testing, and a 401(k) Retirement Program with company matching.

By using our services, the inherent costs of operations disappear and management can manage with a professional organization supporting all the personnel procurement functions.